Benefits of a Digital Detox

There are many documented benefits to a self-imposed “digital detox,” including being able to sleep better, think more clearly and feeling re-energized. That’s why we encourage all guests of Pura Vida to unplug from technology while visiting our resort and to get outside and embrace Mother Nature.

A few immediate benefits of a vacation digital detox:

1. Embrace Peace.

When your phone isn’t buzzing in your pocket and you let go of the compulsive need to check email, you can begin to relax, slow things down and breath deeper. Get transported by a good book or take a nap in a hammock. Do nothing – and enjoy it.

2. Connect with Others

When you’re not staring at your screen, it’s easier to strike up a conversation with the stranger sitting next to you, to laugh or even learn something new. Or connect more with your travel partner – share your feelings about this new experience.

3. Think More.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of taking a walk without your phone in your pocket. Delight in the gorgeous nature that surrounds you. Reflect on past journeys or daydream about your next adventure.

For more practical advice, check out this “How to Do a Digital Detox” article on by author Frances Booth.

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