ThePureBag : the Silver Lining for your Gross Yoga Mat!

After a particularly intense Bikram sesh, exhausted as I may be, I feel refreshed and invigorated. If I did it right and worked up a proper sweat, the toxins have been physically expelled from my skin. What could be a more tangible sign of my body cleansing itself?

No one wants to think that all that good work they just put in could potentially have a negative effect on you. But all that sweat goes somewhere and grows and do you know where most of it ends up…. that’s right, Your Yoga Mat! While walking around living your best life, feeling great about the active choice to practice physical and mental health on the regs, something sinister could be happening on that very same mat that helped bring you to this level of consciousness.

GERMS. FUNGI. BUGS, & OTHER ICKY MICROORGANISMS! They all begin to proliferate on the mat when left to their own devices. Of course, we know we need to clean our mats after every use. But, lbh, when trying to get from place to place quickly, it’s easy to miss a time, or few.

Enter ThePureBag! A convenient tote that does much more than just carry your gear. Using silver ion technology, made from healthcare quality vinyl, the embedded silver component in these bags provides your mat & accessories with additional protection from bacterial & fungal growth. It doesn’t just help keep these things from spreading, it deads them. Mostly. When silver oxidizes it releases silver ions, which are lethal to bacteria & yeast, and those helpful little nano-particles keep all the icky things looking to multiply from doing just that.

With several products available to help you in your battle against bacteria, ThePureBag will keep your gear from growing too much (if any) of the gross stuff! Check out their yoga bags, of course, but don’t miss the SILVER LINED TOWEL and cool accessory bags as well. Because let’s face it, our phone & shoes could probably use the killer silver treatment too!

Use the code PURAVIDA15 for 15% savings on first purchase.  Good through Oct 31, 2018.

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