Bikram Yoga with Dan Markowitz

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When: January 16, 2016-January 23, 2016 – all day

Contact: Dan Markowitz at (914) 282-5673

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Dan Markowitz has studied with Bikram and is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. He is co-owner of the popular Bikram Yoga Norwalk (Ct.) studio and has been teaching Bikram Yoga for 13 years. His classes are characterized by their energy, timing, detail and humor. Dan loves the practice of Bikram Yoga because it works for all levels of students and it makes you feel great mentally, physically and spiritually. Practiced correctly in the right conditions, Bikram Yoga feels like a moving meditation.

This is the seventh retreat Dan is leading at the Pura Vida Spa. He has also led Bikram Retreats to Maya Tulum in Mexico and in Kauai, Hawaii. We are looking forward to practicing twice a day (Sunrise/Sunset, 90-minute classes) in the beautiful new Hot Yoga studio of Lila Hall. Every group Dan has led has come together beautifully. The students with strong and experienced Bikram practices set a great example for the students who are building their practices. There is a real generosity of spirit, fun and openness to the classes. Students are encouraged to honor and listen to their bodies and practice accordingly.

A mid-week Posture Clinic is also conducted. Each student receives a lot of individual attention and insight. Bikram Yoga is an extremely healing practice as it combines 105-degree heat with a sequence of 26-postures designed to stretch, strengthen and detox every part of the body. It is a truly inside-out practice from the muscles and bones to the internal organs and glands to the skeletal and cellular levels. All one has to do is come to Pura Vida, lay down their yoga mat and start practicing. The healing and flexibility quickly follow.

Bikram says, “I cannot overstate the importance of doing your Hatha Yoga in heat. Doing your Yoga in a cold environment can bring harm to your body. Remember, you are changing the construction of your body as you perform these postures.”

Here are some testimonials from Dan’s retreat:

“Mind, Body & Spirit. Thank you for inspiring me this week. I truly had a great Retreat, have made some close friends, as well as improved my Bikram practice.”–RR

“Seeing that this was the best yoga retreat ever I am seriously considering it (returning next year)…” 2013 Bikram Yoga Costa Retreat attendee.

For pricing and to book your reservation contact Dan Markowitz at or (914) 282-5673. Any interested student, either an experienced Bikram practitioner or a complete beginner, is welcome to join.