Host a retreat
at Pura Vida Retreat and Spa

Pura Vida Retreat and Spa has been a wellness destination for retreat leaders and groups of all sizes for more than a decade.

Trust our experienced, professional staff to help you plan a extremely customized retreat for you and your guests in one of the most stunning, spiritually-charged landscapes on earth.

We offer easy access from San Jose airport, a mild mountaintop climate that’s spring-like year round.  Our staff can help take reservations and and arrange shuttle transportation.  We offer a variety of group accommodations, four yoga halls, plus, your retreat can incorporate wellness treatments from some of the most gifted therapists in Central America and guided excursions into Costa Rica’s amazing natural beauty.

We are here to help create an unparalleled retreat experience tailored to your vision. Fill out the form below or contact Linden, our group coordinator. Email or call 1-888-767-7375 ext. 225

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Our Yoga Halls

Ananda Hall

With teak flooring and three walls of windows, Ananda Hall offers panoramic views of the central valley from a large veranda, a fireplace for Satsang and meditation, and five standing heaters for large groups interested in hot yoga.

(Capacity: up to 80. Dimensions:  43 x 43 feet with 43 feet of wall space and 128 feet of window space. Teak floor.)

Lila Hall

Lila Hall is newly renovated to meet all the typical requirements for the ideal hot yoga  practice. Thoroughly insulated, the hall has three infrared propane heaters located on our 12-foot high ceilings, capable of heating the space to more than 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

(Capacity: up to 50. Dimensions: 26 x 52 feet with 39 feet of wall space. Almendra hard wood floor.)

Bhakti Hall

A serene, quiet space ideal for yoga, meditation, painting, and writing, Bhakti Hall offers gorgeous garden views.

(Capacity: up to 20. Dimensions: 39 x 16 feet with 72 feet of wall space and 32 feet of window space.  Tile floor.)

Shanti Hall

The most intimate of Pura Vida’s yoga halls, Shanti Hall has heaters to accommodate hot yoga and offers views of the central valley.

(Capacity: up to 16.  Dimensions: 36 x16 feet, one mirrored wall, 3 window walls, no wall space. Teak floor.)