Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification Program with Karen Conley

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When: January 23, 2016-January 30, 2016 – all day

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Amazing Yoga invites you to Costa Rica!

Come dedicate 7 days to your health and well-being. Enjoy a full week of strong Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.  Dwelling in beauty away from our daily responsibilities and stresses is an opportunity to recharge or to go deep within. Our Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will allow you the framework, but also the freedom, to explore within yourself.

Teaching is simply sharing the knowledge of experience. Our goal as teachers is to cultivate an understanding of yoga and attempt to live that understanding. Let the teaching be our life. Teaching yoga goes beyond the yoga classroom. This yoga teacher training is not about simply parroting information. This training does not support a rigid or dogmatic expression of yoga. This yoga teacher training will transform your life and the lives of others. You will develop the skills to successfully lead a dynamic power vinyasa class. We will cover the fundamental postures and how to sequence the asanas in a fluid manner. Also, we will discuss anatomy/physiology and how it relates to postures and alignment.

This yoga training is for aspiring and experienced teachers or students who just want to deepen their practice.  It is a system of yoga that is so foundationally solid that no matter what else you may go on to study or teach, you will have a solid blueprint from which to work.

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