Profound Ancient Longevity Qi Gong Retreat


Retreat Details

When: April 23, 2016-April 30, 2016 – all day

Contact: 1.441.295.761

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Join Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann for a third lifetime exotic retreat in the stunning Costa Rica Mountains to learn some of the secrets of Profound Ancient knowledge. These life skills can be applied to all aspects of modern everyday life.

The Profound Ancient Longevity Qi Gong Retreat delivers a litany of benefits. These include cellular level detoxification, regulation of yin / yang organs, strengthening of the body, increasing overall energy and vitality, building the immune system, calming the nervous system, and promoting overall wellness and peace of mind.

The Retreat is to be held at the spectacular Pura Vida Spa, a mountain paradise at 5200 feet, only minutes from the San Jose International Airport which, enjoys balmy daytime temperatures that average 73° F and equally mild nights.

Invest in a happier and healthier you — with recreation, relaxation, adventure, delicious meals and daily seminars with like-minded people.

What You Will Learn

  • Taoist Longevity Qi Gong  – (1 – 5 & 5 – 10)
  • Second Animal Frolic
  • How to Dredge & Regulate Meridians  – (Part A & Part B)
  • Medical Qi Gong Healing Sounds
  • Meditation & Ancient Healing Chants
  • Benefits of Powerful Tonic Teas & Tinctures with sample tasting

Detox & Renew Your Body In 2016

– Health-minded Buffet-style Meals

– Fresh Juice Served Daily

– Exotic Super Smoothies Available

– No Artificial Sweeteners or Processed Foods

– Refreshing Filtered Spring Water Available