Pura Vida Resort and Spa staff yoga instructors offer their own unique style of hatha yoga twice a day except on Wednesdays.

While styles may vary from instructor to instructor and week to week, our classes are always appropriate for students of any level and our teachers are extremely responsive to students’ needs and interests.

Yoga classes are included in our Mind+Body+Spirit packages.

Nightly guests are welcome to attend for $15 a class per person by registering at the reception area.

Everyone is welcome to use our four yoga halls for personal practice when they are not in use or scheduled for class. All are stocked with mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and more.  To honor the sacred space, we ask that you kindly remove your shoes before you enter, do not bring glass inside, return all yoga props after use and clean borrowed yoga mats with supplies provided.

Play Fit classes– 45 minute cross training sessions taught by a certified personal trainer– are challenging and fun for any fitness level and are offered for $15 per person.

You’ll find yoga and fitness class times and locations on the current weekly schedule posted at the Wellness Center lounge and at the reception desk. View a sample weekly schedule.

Our Yoga Halls

Ananda Hall

With teak flooring and three walls of windows, Ananda Hall offers panoramic views of the central valley from a large veranda, a fireplace for Satsang and meditation, and five standing heaters for large groups interested in hot yoga.

(Capacity: up to 80. Dimensions:  43 x 43 feet with 43 feet of wall space and 128 feet of window space. Teak floor.)

Lila Hall

Lila Hall is newly renovated to meet all the typical requirements for the ideal hot yoga  practice. Thoroughly insulated, the hall has three infrared propane heaters located on our 12-foot high ceilings, capable of heating the space to more than 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

(Capacity: up to 50. Dimensions: 26 x 52 feet with 39 feet of wall space. Almendra hard wood floor.)

Bhakti Hall

A serene, quiet space ideal for yoga, meditation, painting, and writing, Bhakti Hall offers gorgeous garden views.

(Capacity: up to 20. Dimensions: 39 x 16 feet with 72 feet of wall space and 32 feet of window space.  Tile floor.)

Shanti Hall

The most intimate of Pura Vida’s yoga halls, Shanti Hall has heaters to accommodate hot yoga and offers views of the central valley.

(Capacity: up to 16.  Dimensions: 36 x16 feet, one mirrored wall, 3 window walls, no wall space. Teak floor.)