“A piece of heaven. The group, the workshops, the side trips and the yoga was awesome!”
“Just stayed for the 7-day Mind+Body+Spirit package. The price included 2 yoga classes a day, 4 daytime excursions, 3 meals a day, and 1 spa treatment. You really can’t beat the price for all of this.”
-S.K., Washington
“Pure Bliss. Pura Vida is a little oasis of joy and serenity. The yoga spaces are magical… For me the most special part of Pura Vida is the staff.”
Pura Vida is so beautiful and so peaceful! The entire staff are wonderful people and they are always ready with a smile to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The food is out of this world! I plan to go again soon!
-Wanda M, Chesapeake, VA
Everything about this place is purely magical. The grounds are impeccable featuring fruit, herbs and flowers. The food is cooked with love and extremely delicious. The studios offer breathtaking views. The staff is so friendly and knowledgable. It was a retreat of a life time!
-Alyssa Z, Columbus, OH

On the mountain at Pura Vida
night time temperatures can drop 20°F.

Upcoming events
This Week
PowLevel 1 Teacher Training with Karen Conley/ Amazing Yoga
January 14, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
January 21, 2017 · 5:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training provides you with both a framework for teaching power vinyasa yoga, and the freedom to explore deep within. Pura Vida is a gorgeous mountainside estate in Costa Rica’s Alajuela province. Spend a week with us where we focus on power vinyasa yoga teacher training. Get away from the demands of daily life to a place of serenity and awe-inspiring beauty, where you will have the opportunity to recharge, practice yoga, eat mindfully, and wander through a coffee plantation as you soak up the best of exotic Costa Rica.


Amazing Yoga Teacher Training contains one of the most effective and practical training methods available. Our Yoga Teacher Training allows you to access your full potential through asana, meditation, practice teaching and self inquiry. The focus of the training is to produce confident, safe, powerful, and natural teaching. You will also learn sequencing, alignment, philosophy, assisting, the business of yoga, and much more. By the time the week is over, you will be ready to teach a powerful and dynamic class.
Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide an environment where your own unique understanding of yoga materializes out of your direct experience, and you become confident in sharing it. This initial training will help you establish a solid foundation as a yoga teacher for years to come — one that you can continually build from and grow as a teacher and person.

Yoga philosophy
Study of asana and alignment
Effective and intelligent sequencing
The art of assisting
Practice teaching
Meditation and pranayama
Modifications for different bodies and abilities
Preparing powerful, focused classes
Becoming an inspiring teacher

Visit here for more information and to register: http://www.amazingyoga.net/level-1-pura-vida
Cultivating Inner Stillness in a Chaotic World
January 15, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
January 20, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Many of us are slowly waking up to the realization that we have cultivated frenetic and busy lives which keep us in constant motion from the moment we wake up until we collapse into bed, exhausted and depleted at the end of the day. Our bodies run on automatic pilot while our minds are busy processing an endless stream of to-do lists, anxious thoughts or strategizing an escape plan! We have increasingly placed more value on doing and in the process have forgotten the value of simply being. What if there was a different way to be in the world?

There is a beauty that begins to form when we live life with more mindfulness and presence. In this retreat we will share simple tools designed to help you reconnect to a happier and more resilient way of being. We will explore practices such as meditation and mindfulness, breath awareness, movement and sound healing. All will benefit from the practices, whether you are an experienced meditator or a beginner. We hope you will join us in the lush, green Costa Rican mountains for meditation and mindfulness practice. I think you will find that Costa Rica is a nourishing place to restore and connect with your true self. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

Starting at $1099 for double accommodations, $1349 for single accommodations.
• Rate includes accommodations, meals, tuition and round-trip ground transportation from SJO.
• Massage therapists receive 18 NCBTMB CE's. Anyone is welcome to attend!
• Reduced companion rate is available (those not attending the group sessions)
• Hold your spot with a $200 non-refundable deposit by registering online at www.cultivatinginnerstillness.com

For details and to register:
Phone: 919-885-1069
Email: info@cultivatinginnerstillness.com
More information: www.cultivatinginnerstillness.com/event/costaricaretreat2017/
Awaken the Warrior Within Retreat
January 15, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
January 20, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Join us for four transformative days this January at a Costa Rican Jungle Location - and we will give you the one-on-one private mentorship you need to step into your INNER WARRIOR, Have greater impact and leadership and create the joyous, abundant, peaceful, and soul-stirring life that you desire.

During this powerful four-day experience, TOGETHER we will create the ultimate blueprint that you have been craving for — one that will provide clear systems and processes to breakthrough self- limiting beliefs and continuously level up…

You’ll learn how to heal the wounds of the past… and launch yourself towards taking MAJOR action to build your future…

While wholly enjoying the PRESENT.

You will start to get rid of the friction in your life that is preventing you from achieving your GREATNESS, and you will start to create bigger results than you can imagine.

These are some of the topics we will cover:


We fell in love with the beautiful retreat venue and our last minute booking greatly limits the number of accommodation options available.
Here are the ONLY available options:
Tentalow (1 tent): Single $2385 / Double $2160
A-Frame (2 rooms): Single $2710 / Double $2345
Vista (5 rooms): Single $2735 / Double $2360
Tri-Level (2 rooms) : Single $2870 / Double $2435
Prices are per person. Double occupancy means you will be sharing a room with one other person.
Please contact Madison McClellan at 888-767-7375 ext. 233 or email reservations@puravidaspa.com to reserve your spot!

To view the rooms: http://puravidaspa.com/accommodations/

Rome Za
Your Tribal Leader, Mentor and Coach

I’m a Certified NLP Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Biohacker and An Avid Learner of such methodologies as...

• Wim Hof Method
• Ido Portal Method
• Shamanism
• Brazilian jiu jitsu and other forms of combat
• Yoga
• Meditation
• And So Much More...
My mission in life is to help you unlock the potential you NEED in order to live your life courageously and share your gift with the world.

I have worked with hundreds of people to identify and transcend their limiting beliefs and empowering them to become the best best versions of themselves that they can be.

In short Awakening The Warrior Within them.

And I would love to do the same for you!
Bikram Yoga with Dan Markowitz
January 21, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
January 28, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Dan Markowitz has studied with Bikram Choudhury and is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. He is co-owner of the popular Bikram Yoga Norwalk (Ct.) studio and has been teaching Bikram Yoga for 14 years. His classes are characterized by their energy, timing, detail and humor. Dan loves the practice of Bikram Yoga because it works for all levels of students and it makes you feel great mentally, physically and spiritually. Practiced correctly in the right conditions, Bikram Yoga feels like a moving meditation.

This is the ninth Bikram Yoga retreat Dan will have led at the Pura Vida Spa and he has fallen head over heels in love with the simplicity, open-heartedness and the beauty of the place. We are looking forward to practicing twice a day Sunrise/Sunset, 90-minute classes) in the scenic Hot Yoga studio of Lila Hall. Dan includes music classes into the week that are great way for students to tap into their own Inner Teacher and groove to their breath, the beat and the poses. Every group Dan has led has come together beautifully and had a great time. Each year, the retreats are marked and enriched by students who have returned to Pura Vida repeatedly. The students who come on the retreat with strong and experienced Bikram practices set a great example for the newer students who are building their practices. There is a real generosity of spirit, un and openness to the classes. Students are encouraged to onor and listen to their bodies and practice accordingly.

For pricing and to book your reservation contact Dan Markowitz at markowitz.dan@gmail.com or (914) 282-5673. Any interested student, either an experienced Bikram practitioner or a complete beginner, is welcome to join.Everyone is welcome!
This Month
Awakening: A Kripalu Yoga Tropical Retreat in Costa Rica with Ken McRae
January 28, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
February 4, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Recover from the holidays and beat the winter blues by taking some time just for yourself. During this, the 18th annual Kripalu Yoga retreat, you will have an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and allow yourself to "just be"…

Fully alive in each and every moment
Grounded in the present yet open to a world of new possibilities
Confident, relaxed, feeling whole
Kripalu Yoga is much more than a physical discipline. Kripalu Yoga is a practice of transformation - a way to open the heart and develop compassion, find clarity and experience stillness within. We emphasize listening to the body's needs and respecting its limits. This approach allows each of us, beginner or experienced practitioner, to receive the benefits of the practice just where we are.

As a group we will welcome each new day during your yoga vacation with a specially designed morning Kripalu yoga class. We'll learn more about yoga and meditation during the daily experiential workshops, practice yogic breathing to move energy in the body, sit together in meditation to develop inner peace and practice guided iRest yoga nidra. In the sacred space we create together during this yoga retreat you can allow your spirit to slowly awaken and reconnect with the simple joy of being fully alive.

There will be plenty of time to receive treatments at the wellness center, lounge by the pool, soak in the hot tub under the stars, take in the spectacular views, meet new friends in the dining room, and enjoy the many optional eco-adventure tours which are available at Pura Vida Spa. And you will return home feeling truly refreshed and re-charged.

Sample Daily Schedule
6:30-8:00am Kripalu Yoga
8:00-9:30am Breakfast
10:00am-noon Program Workshop or Eco-tour
1:00-2:00pm Lunch
2:00-4:30pm Pool, Siesta, Walk, Massage...
4:30-6:00pm Kripalu Yoga/Workshop
6:30-7:30pm Dinner
9:00 Hot tub

For more information and to register go to www.globalyogajourneys.com
Tenth Annual Somatic IFS Retreat
January 28, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
February 4, 2017 · 5:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Join Susan McConnell at Pura Vida Retreat Center in Alajuela, Costa Rica, a mountain-top oasis of beauty and tranquility where you will leave winter behind and deepen your connection with Embodied Self Energy. In this week-long retreat you will explore each of the tools of Somatic IFS through guided exercises, journaling, and live demonstrations as you listen to your parts speaking through your body’s sensations and movements. The lush gardens, warm breezes, and delicious healthy meals will nourish and support your body’s unfolding of its inherent Self energy.
There will be ample time to enhance and integrate these explorations with a variety of optional experiences—exceptional bodywork and spa treatments, yoga classes, and a choice of eco-adventures to explore whitewater rivers, waterfalls, active volcanoes, hot springs, and abundant wildlife.

This retreat is open to IFS graduates and IFS-informed people. Non-participating companions are welcome to accompany you and enjoy Pura Vida’s amenities. There is a range of prices, depending on the accommodation you choose, starting at $1690. The cost includes tuition, room, board, and transportation from San Jose Airport. Early discount and payment plans are available.

For more information and for an application:
Please click here. For retreat-specific information, contact Nancy Berkowitz at nfberkowitz@gmail.com or 781-237-7720 (press # to skip the message).
Warrior Goddess Retreat: Empowerment, Creativity and Sisterhood
February 4, 2017 · 12:00 pm -
February 9, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
When women come together in sisterhood and loving kindness we create the energy for joy, empowerment and growth. Get in touch with nature, yourself and other awesome women on this 5-night retreat. At this retreat we will sink into a daily rhythm of relaxation, creative expression, adventure and deep transformation. Join sisters and retreat leaders Haley and Evan for a transformative and magical adventure! Check out HaleyandEvan.com for details!

Haley & Evan are sisters in life and in business! They travel the world running retreats together that combine their unique blend of creative, joyful and healing philosophies. Haley has her Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University and worked for 6 years as a psychotherapist. Haley’s passion is empowering women to build lives that are a reflection of their joyful and healed internal condition. She believes in sisterhood all things are possible. Haley is an online Spiritual Coach for women. Evan has her Masters degree in Art Education from Tufts University and a BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts. She knows that everyone is an artist and seeks to help women tap into their creative power. Evan is a working artist, illustrator and creator of FoxnCrow brand on Etsy.

Daily Rhythm
6:30 AM Optional Yoga Class
7:30 – 9:00 AM BREAKFAST
9:00 – 11:30 AM Warrior Goddess Gathering
12:30 – 2:30 PM LUNCH
12:00 – 3:00 PM Spa/ Swimming/ Strolling/ Relaxation Time
3:00- 5:00 PM Wild Woman Creative Expression
6:30 – 8:00 PM DINNER
8:00 PM Guided Meditation/ Sacred Ceremony

Warrior Goddess Gathering sessions will include guided meditations, open conversations, and seminars on empowerment and intuition.

Wild Woman Creative Expression sessions will include fun and accessible visual art projects and gentle creative movement.

Website: HaleyandEvan.com

Phone: (203)615-3825

Email: Haley@HaleyNight.com
Bikram Beginner Yoga Retreat with Teri Almquist
February 4, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
February 11, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Bikram Beginner Yoga Retreat with Teri Almquist
When: From February 4th - 11th, 2017

Practice the yoga you love, with a change of scenery. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen your practice while connecting with our larger yoga community. Bikram Yoga, the original hot yoga, is a healing yoga designed for everybody. The practice of Bikram Beginner Yoga consists of a series of beginner postures, performed in a heated room. The series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises creates a healing environment for the whole body. Join us, the Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley Community for a seven day retreat.

Teri Almquist, owner and director of Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley has been a certified Bikram Yoga teacher since the spring of 2005 and studio owner of Bikram Yoga Merrimack Valley since 2008. Teri is consulted by teachers and students from all corners of the globe for her expertise in healing injured bodies through Bikram Yoga. Teri believes Bikram Yoga is for everybody, regardless of where they start. Her knowledge can be applied to any body, so that practitioners of all levels, even those with no yoga experience are welcome and encouraged to attend the retreat.

Included in your retreat price:
Accommodations: single or double occupancy in your choice of housing – the Pura Vida Reservations Specialist will help you book the right room for your desired comfort and budget.
3 nutritious and delicious meals daily. Special dietary needs can be accommodated
2 Bikram Beginner Yoga classes available daily in Pura Vida’s Hot Yoga Hall.
Q&A sessions with Teri so that you can deepen your understanding of the postures in your own practice.
Special Discounts for BYMV Members and certified Bikram Yoga teachers. (Please inform reservations if you are a certified Bikram Teacher)
Daily Meditation
Coffee Plantation and Holistic Herb Garden Tours
Newly Renovated Pool and Hot Tub
Round trip shuttle to/from the SJO airport
Early Bird Discount when you book before July 4th, 2016
Relaxation and Fun!
Optional Day Trips and Healing Spa Treatments available throughout the week for an additional fee
One hour private yoga lessons available for additional fee by appointment, limited space book with Teri directly Teri@bikramyogamv.com

For more details and to reserve your spot please contact Pura Vida reservations at 888-767-7375 x233 or email:reservations@puravidaspa.com
Couples Costa Rica Retreat
February 11, 2017 · 9:00 pm -
February 16, 2017 · 3:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
We will be offering workshops that you take as a couple. These workshops include Yoga, Tantra, Loving Touch, and Compassionate Communication each designed to take your partnership to levels you have been missing or may have never felt.

Excursions include boating adventures, eco-hikes, whitewater rafting, and experiencing waterfalls, the poas volcano, and natural hot springs. If you would prefer to relax as a couple Pura Vida's world-class spa offers a myriad of Ayurvedic, Holistic, and Asian body treatments.

For more information please visit our website www.retreatsforcouples.com or ask us a question in the comments below.

We would be honored to have your presence at this romantic paradise. Plan now to ensure the lowest airfare rates and availability.

#yoga #tantra #couples #costarica #communication #relationships #fun

*Optional Morning Yoga & Couples Yoga
*Massage & Loving Touch Instruction
*Conscious Communication Skills
*Cultivating Bliss through Tantra
*Enhanced Lovemaking Skills & Practice

February 11-17, 2017
Workshop Fee: $1,295.00/per Couple
Early Bird Special: $995.00
Call 941-349-6804 to Register

5 night Retreat, Lodging & Meals range from $1320 to $2430 per couple, go to PuraVidaSpa.com for details.

Fly to San Jose, Capital of Costa Rica transport from the airport to the retreat is included.

Teaching Seminars & Daily Yoga Classes
Experienced Certified Teachers:
Diana & Richard Daffner
Harmony & Rick Joyce

Free time for excursions, discounts for extra nights at Pura Vida Spa & Resort
Costa Rica Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Dr. Debbie Norris & Jessie Norris Taylor of The Mindfulness Center
February 25, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
March 4, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Join TMC Founders Dr. Debbie Norris and Jessie Norris Taylor in Allejuella, Costa Rica at the Pura Vida Retreat and Spa for a seven-day exploration of the art of meditation and yoga. Pura Vida Spa, located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, is a beautiful estate surrounded by coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valley below. The resort is known for its delightful gourmet meals, outstanding accommodations, extraordinarily gifted Healing Arts Spa Therapists, and impressionable team of staff members.

Twice daily practices will include a blend of vinyasa flow yoga, as well as gentle and restorative yoga, breathing exercises and meditation from the jungle covered hill tops to rejuvenate and restore you. Yogis of all levels of experience are welcome and practices will be lead in a way so as to meet each practitioner at their own level of comfort. So whether you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to yoga you will find both the opportunity to safely challenge yourself and to deeply relax and rejuvenate!

External excursions available to hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes, canopy tours and white water rafting. Delicious meals, including vegetarian and vegan options are included. This Costa Rica Yoga Retreat will be an unforgettable and life-enriching adventure!

Rates start at $1,440 per person based on double occupancy and $1,760 for single occupancy.

Dates: February 25th- March 4th, 2017

Pricing includes:
• Room Accommodations
• 3 Delicious health-minded buffet style meals with vegetarian, fish and chicken options
• Use of outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
• Twice daily yoga and meditation classes
• Guided walk through coffee plantation
• Designated Wi-Fi and computer access
• Round-trip shuttle service to/from SJO airport
• Optional tours and sumptuous spa treatments available for additional cost

Jessie Norris Taylor
Transformation in Paradise with Ken Bell & Marcy Stone
March 11, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
March 18, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Find your pura vida :: pure life

Come with us on a journey to Pura Vida Retreat and Spa. Pure Vida means “pure life” and you will enjoy your unique Transformation in Paradise experience at one of the world’s foremost Wellness & Yoga destinations. Join us in nourishing your mind, body and spirit while exploring the hidden beauty of Costa Rica.

Our mornings will begin with sunrise meditation offering for those that are early risers. Followed by a morning yoga program using one of the beautiful yoga studios on sight. The morning practice will be followed by breakfast featuring outstanding local foods and recipes. The days are yours to spend as you wish: at the pool and hot tub, bar, lounging, Using the spa services, and a variety of ½ and full day adventures Monday thru Friday (at additional cost) Lunch is served at Pura Vida or have a boxed lunch (included in price) prepared for you to take on your day trip. Our evenings will offer several types of classes throughout the week. We’ll close each day with dinner and sharing friendship around the fire pit.

Rates include:
3 healthy & delicious meals per day |personalized services| your choice of accommodations**|Daily yoga sessions & sunrise meditations |resort amenities | and much more

Please note: airfare is not included. Please check fares using the SJO airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.

**For descriptions of rooms & excursions, check www.marcystone.com

For payment options please email marcy@marcystone.com
Simplicity and Gratitude, Yoga and Wellness Retreat
March 11, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
March 18, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Steal away to the picturesque landscape of tropical Costa Rica with Stephanie Lynn and Lara Leigh Ruddy for a week long yoga and wellness retreat at Pura Vida Spa. Rejuvenate your body, refresh your spirit, and steep your mind in the concepts of Simplicity and Gratitude, surrounded by friends, fresh air, and incredible food. Three delicious, fresh, and carefully crafted vegetarian (+fish/chicken) meals included, daily. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and scenery, take a dip in the pool or soak in the hot tub, nap in a hammock or lounge with your favorite book, hike the grounds, take an excursion trip, or explore the beautiful surrounding vistas and coffee plantations. Or simply get quiet, with yourself. We are here to support you.

About Stephanie Lynn, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki Master:

For nearly 30 years, yoga and meditation have provided me with a boundless source of strength and resilience, as well as peace and compassion. Although physical fitness is a wonderful benefit of yoga, for me it is far more. It is also a source of mental, emotional, and spiritual “fitness.” My teaching is a direct reflection of my belief in the potential of yoga and of my dedication to a life of service. It is my aim to steward every student in an individual way, regardless of the size of the group I am serving. I consider it my responsibility to ensure the safety, comfort and care of the students in my classes, and I am grateful for every opportunity to serve in this capacity. For more information about Stephanie, please visit: www.stephanieshepard.com

About Lara Leigh Ruddy, CYT 500, LMT:

After exploring the basic tenets of yoga during my first year of college, I quickly became hooked and couldn't wait to share its wealth with those around me. In 2010, I completed my training under the guidance of Sandra Carden. I then broadened my understanding of the mind-body connection while attending massage therapy school in Costa Rica where I earned the title of licensed massage therapist in 2014. Still thirsty for knowledge and the desire to share, in 2016, I completed the 500 hour teacher training in India. Throughout my endeavors, I weave together the concepts of Ayurveda, anatomy, and yoga therapy in order to share my passions with the world, while facilitating wellness wherever I can. I feel most at home either in nature, in the company of friends and family, preparing and eating healthy meals, or in Costa Rica where I have lived and also visited a handful of times. I am known for my intuition, knowledge, and compassion. I can't wait to share this retreat and country that I truly adore with you! For more information about Lara, please visit: https://simpleighbeyogawellness.wordpress.com

Your investment includes:
 Daily Morning Sadhana with Stephanie: Kirtan, Meditation and Pranayama, Energizing Sunrise Vinyasa Flow Practice, incorporating Chakra balance and philosophy.
 Daily Evening Sadhana with Lara: Unwind and Relax with a combination of Yin, Gentle, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra, preparing for deep, restful sleep.
 Personal attention and hands-on adjustments during yoga practices
 Two focused Workshops, Yamas and Niyamas with Stephanie, and Yoga and Ayurveda with Lara, during the week
 Seven nights accomodations
 Three delicious daily meals (vegetarian + fish/chicken)
 Shuttle to and from SJO airport
 A detailed itinerary, packing list, and tips on making the retreat meaningful
 Suggested readings before or during the retreat
 A surprise gift!

Not included: Airfare, Reiki Sessions with Stephanie ($85), Thai Massage with Lara ($85/hour), on-site Spa Services with Pura Vida, Excursions (can be arranged through Pura Vida).

Travel details: We will hold opening circle Sunday morning, 3/12, and closing circle Saturday morning, 3/18, leaving both Saturdays open, as travel days.

*EARLY BIRD SAVINGS! Register by January 1, 2017, and get a $200 discount!*

Daily Schedule
6:30-8:30AM: Morning Sadhana with Stephanie: Kirtan, Meditation and Pranayama, Energizing Sunrise Vinyasa Flow Practice, incorporating Chakra balance and philosophy.
9:30AM Breakfast
10AM Focused workshops on Tuesday and Thursday
12PM Lunch
Open time for exploring or relaxing
6PM Dinner
7-9PM Evening Sadhana with Lara: Unwind and Relax with a combination of Yin, Gentle, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra, preparing for deep, restful sleep.

Cost of the Retreat:
Starting at:
Single Occupancy $2,260
Double Occupancy $1,740
$200 discount for registering by January 1st, 2017

For more details and to reserve your spot please contact Pura Vida reservations at 888-767-7375 x233 or email: reservations@puravidaspa.com
FreeFall I & II with Allison Bachmeier of Vibrant Transformation
March 18, 2017 · 12:00 pm -
March 25, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Join Allison Bachmier, B.Sc in Anatomy, B.A. in Psychology, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Instructor and FreeFall I & II Instructor in Alejuela, Costa Rica for a seven-day exploration of the FreeFall system. Join us in one of the most majestic and inspiring areas of the world to experience the freedom from our perceived “Image” we have of ourselves and expose the Naked Truth of our humanness. Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley, provides the perfect setting for this amazing awakening. Surrounded by coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valley below, the resort is known for its gourmet meals, outstanding accommodations, Healing Arts Spa Therapists, and accommodating staff members.

The focus of FreeFall I is learning to understand that our naked self is not the issue, but rather the reactions and attachments to our perceived body image is the nature of our defenses, dis-ease and self esteem issues. FreeFall is an in-depth course challenging you to address the body image issues that fragment and compartmentalize your life.

FreeFall II progresses with individuals and group exercises to facilitate the vital pelvic-heart circulation for enhancing body awareness, healing and empowerment. We focus deeply on where the body is most contracted and learn methods of letting go to surrender back in our boundless self.

FreeFall I
The focus of FreeFall I is "body image", that is, learning to understand the masking nature of the self-image and the restrictions it has over us. We explore self-image by stripping off this mask of coping. The "Coping Mask" is a matrix of fears, judgments, beliefs and behaviors that restrict an individual from embracing and loving life. FreeFall I participants will be individually assessed and facilitated through a series of exercises to move beyond these restrictions. The resulting opening of the heart and trust in one’s own essence supports therapeutic integration and personal evolution.
FreeFall is explored in a safe, confidential environment-providing participants a solid foundation to express vulnerably, their attitude around self-acceptance and become, "Naked Beneath our Clothes".

FreeFall II
FreeFall II further pushes the exploration of healthy human intimacy. It is is an in-depth course challenging us to address the coping mechanisms which support our conditioning and distort our body’s unique expression. FreeFall II works by bridging this chasm and offering the body a unifying and expressive experience. In this course, we explore the nature of specific areas of the brain and hormonal expression, challenge the belief systems around sexuality, sensuality and control, and strengthen the conscious connection to your most intimate relationship... Self.
There will be a one-day break between FreeFall I and FreeFall II where you can book a spa treatment or experience external excursions to hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes, canopy tours and white water rafting. These optional tours and spa treatments are available for an additional cost.


The cost of the combined FreeFall I & FreeFall II is $1,437.50 CND. For information on attending only one of the FreeFall courses please contact the event organizer directly.

The cost of accommodations for Tentalows starts at $840 USD per person based on double occupancy and $1,160 USD for single occupancy. We also have the option of A-Frames which start at $1,100 USD per person based on double occupancy and $1,650 USD for single occupancy.

Please note: if you are requesting double occupancy, we will try our best to accommodate, however, if no roommate can be assigned the single occupancy price will have to be paid. As an option you can bring a family member or friend as a non-participant that would just pay the double occupancy rate minus the FreeFall course fee.

Pricing includes:

• FreeFall I & FreeFall II Courses
• Room accommodations for 7 nights as stated above
• Three delicious health-minded buffet style meals with vegetarian, vegan, fish and chicken options. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated (please advise at time of booking)
• Filtered and alkaline water, coffee, tea and fresh seasonal local fruit available throughout the day
• Use of outdoor swimming pool and hot tub
• Designated Wi-Fi and computer access
• Round-trip shuttle service to/from SJO airport

Contact Details:

Cheryl Ramsay, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Eden Wholistic
Lisa Goodwin BodyMind Retreat in Costa Rica
March 18, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
March 25, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Lisa Goodwin is a ERYT500 International Yoga Teacher, inspirational speaker and life coach. She has two decades of experience blending yoga and life coaching into her worldwide workshops and retreats.

Lisa has been trained in various styles of yoga including Bikram, Barkan Method, Anusara, Iyengar Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Integrative Yoga, and Ashtanga. She has developed her own sequence and can be experienced on her Warm Yoga Flow CD or Strong Body Stronger Mind DVD. Her yoga flow is beginner friendly yet will still challenge the intermediate student. Since 2004 she has helped certify over 900 yoga teachers worldwide and has led workshops in Costa Rica, Santorini, Massachusetts, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Chicago, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, North Carolina, Australia and New Zealand.

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Motivational Coaching and Reiki Level 1 & 2 she inspires others with her unique ability to communicate both intuitively and directly.

As a community activist, Lisa saw a need and developed a group life-coaching program called The Conversation Continues. This was a monthly program that helped people address life challenges and teaches advanced life skills. In her Conversation Continues speaking engagements, Goodwin focuses her attention on personal development and relationship skills needed in daily life. Some of her topics include: Change One Word, Change Your Life, Acceptance Versus Forgiveness, and Creating The Life You Love.

Register at Lisagoodwinyoga.com or to learn more about Lisa Goodwin BodyMind Teacher Trainings, Workshops, Retreat schedule and private Life Coaching sessions.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.” Tao Te Ching
105F Hot Yoga Teacher Training- 4 Week Intensive
March 25, 2017 · 2:00 pm · 5:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
March 25- April 22, 2017
What You Can Look Forward To:

In 250 hours, you will learn to teach the classic 26+2 hot yoga series. Our team of asana and anatomy experts, including Gianna Purcell, Kathy Durham, Libby Cox, and Erin Frank, will provide you with the tools you need to effectively deliver a precise, informative and therapeutic class. Alignment, benefits, and language for safely presenting the postures will be covered as well as teaching techniques and methodology, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and ethics, and the business of yoga with practical application.

Your 105F Hot Yoga Teacher Training includes the following:
• 200-hour Yoga Alliance RYT Certification/250-hour 105F certification which includes 230 contact hours and 20 hours of pre-work.
• All necessary materials including 26+2 Cues and Commands, 26+2 Manual, Smart 60 Cues and Commands, Trainee Profiler, as well as Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics, and Yoga Business Worksheets.
• Accommodation at beautiful Pura Vida Resort and Spa in Alajuela, Costa Rica.
• Three fresh, delicious, nutritious meals prepared by Pura Vida’s in-house chef.
• Complimentary towels, mat use, and filtered water for the duration of the training.
• Round trip shuttle to/from SJO airport (airfare to/from SJO not included in tuition price).

For complete program information and to apply visit http://www.105f.com/teachertraining-spring2017/ or email teachertraining@105f.com.
Deadline to apply is March 10, 2017
The Ancient Language Hidden in a Deck of Cards
March 25, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
April 1, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
The Ancient Language Hidden in a Deck of Cards...a Journey to the Self
Self-awareness through studying the blueprint of the Soul and the Book of Time

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand".
Randy Pausch

I have been passionately studying this card system for about 15 years. Since I don't gamble and often-associated cards with silly games, I couldn't imagine there was anything sacred about them. Yet, after years of study and critical analysis, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt they are completely aligned with the science of Jyotish and Ayurveda. Their hidden messages have helped me navigate through some of the toughest situations in my life, giving me clarity, insight, awareness and understanding of myself, the people around me and each bump in the road. Much like weather predictions, this system allows us to forecast the emotional weather we "wrote" to experience in this life before we were born and gives us the chance to have an "umbrella" handy before the storm.

This system is not based on a random spread of tarot cards that reflect our current consciousness, though this is a perfectly wonderful way to "read". This is a mathematical, scientific divination system based on sacred geometry, the five great elements, numerology and astrology. Some refer to this system as The God-Clock or Book of Time. This is not a "tarot card class".

Learn how the ordinary deck of playing cards was originally designed as a mystical oracle, a sacred calendar providing hidden insights about our life path and probably future options. This oracle was developed by The Order of the Magi, a brotherhood of astrologers, mystics and priests of the temples of Egypt, who were instructed to keep the secrets of the ancient knowledge of the Seven Thunders (seven visible planets) and the location of this "little book" (the deck of cards) until the time where humanity would be of the consciousness to understand this sacred system of knowledge and the true magic of life. The first published book on this oracle is "The Mystic Test Book" by Olney H. Richmond. This divination system of ancient knowledge is finally available for those who feel "called" to learn the intricacies of their life, the patterns inherent on their birthday, how to choose between the many forks in the road ahead, and how to play out the high side of each archetypal influence (card) on a daily basis with the power of prayer, elevated consciousness, clarity and right thinking. Learn how to "peek behind the veil" yet remain in the current moment as we "witness" how we wrote our Divine Blueprint of your soul's journey....a magical, mystery carpet ride to the Self!

Phone 401-680-3934
Email Karyn@sacredstonehealing.com
Website http://www.thenewportmassageschool.com
Moment by Moment Yoga Retreat with Dawn Balfour
April 1, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
April 8, 2017 · 5:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Imagine a week of reflection, on and off the mat, situated on top of a mountain with beautiful vistas, amazing food and an experience you will never forget.

Dawn Balfour is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Instructor from Barrie, Ontario, Canada and has been teaching Yoga for 10 years. Her classes have a strong Iyengar foundation and are taiored to all levels. She applies 8 limbs of Yoga and Mindfulness to her everyday life and into her classes.

This is the 5th retreat that Dawn has hosted at Pura Vida and each experience has been magical. Yoga twice a day with the choice of quiet reflective time or getting out to see Costa Rica on excursions, which are offered at an additional cost. Explore the beauty of this country as well as the beauty that resides within.

You may feel like strolling through the greenery to the spa for a signature treatment or take a dip in the pool. Coffee plantations are close by to explore or you may decide to spend some time in a hammock reading a book.

Pura Vida Spa Resort, Costa Rica is where you can find all this. You can simplify life and move awareness inward to find clarity, peace and wellness with Yoga, meditation, relaxation. Just being, moment by moment.

Your retreat includes:

7 nights’ accommodations
3 delicious healthy meals per day
2 yoga classes per day
Guided walk through surrounding coffee plantation
Roundtrip shuttle service to/from the SJO airport
Use of swimming pool and hot tub

Appropriate for all levels.

Prices start at $910 USD based on double occupancy.

50% USD deposit required to reserve your spot.

Please book direct with Madison McClellann at Pura Vida at reservations@puravidaspa.com or call toll-free at 1-888-767-7375 Ext 233.

For information on the retreat, please call Dawn at 705-241-7168 or email dawnbalfour@hotmail.com or visit www.yogawithdawnbalfour.com.
The DragonflyExperience - Open to the Vibration of Love
April 22, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
April 27, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Join experienced facilitator, Felicia Grant, and a small group of women for a quiet exploration back to yourself. Surround yourself with the tranquil and spectacular scenery of Costa Rica From the moment the plane touches down ALL of your needs will be taken care of. This retreat offers the opportunity to step away from your busy life, get back in touch with yourself and find that still, small voice that whispers the truth within. When women come together in community they create an energy for joy, empowerment and growth. The energetic vibration of Love!

Felicia is an Advanced Soul Coach® & Intuitive Soul Coach trained by Denise Linn - International Soul Coaching® & Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level l & ll practitioner, Past Life and Soul Journey Coach. Felicia has taken her passion and thirst for knowledge to help empower women to reach their fullest potential and live a life filled with joy and passion.

What This Retreat Includes

-Six day, five-night stay in a Vista, Kiva Upper, Tri-Level room, A-Frame or Tentalow- modern day “Glamping.”
-All Meals: delicious health-minded buffet style meals with vegetarian, fish, and chicken options. Filtered and alkaline water, coffee, tea, and fresh seasonal local fruit available throughout the day. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated. All the food is creatively prepared with fresh local ingredients and a big dose of love!! It’s Delicious!!
-(8) Yoga classes– Yoga will be offered am/pm daily in our small group. Crystal will focus on your individual needs while helping to relax, renew & release.
-Sacred Journey & Energy Clearing thru Sound Healing with Rebecca. She will use sound and intention to purify and renew old stagnant energy, releasing it to divine order.
Rekindle your fire (Fire Circle and Ceremony)
-Our Evening Group gatherings will include guided meditation, open conversations and activities that center around empowerment, releasing self doubts, and creating a vision for the future.
-Daily Guided Meditation
-Explore Yoga & Meditation in small intimate groups feeling safe and supported.
-Roundtrip shuttle transportation from/to SJO, Costa Rica (30 minute ride)

We included big juicy time chunks so you can use your personal time to take a nap, connect with nature, relax in a hammock with a book, take a dip in the pool or hot tub, stroll through the nearby coffee fields, socialize, and schedule spa treatments. I will also be available for Private “Intuitive Soul Coaching® sessions.” for those of you that want to go deeper during their stay!

Package Rates starting at $1760 for single occupancy and $1395 for double occupancy.

What’s Not Included?

Airfare, spa treatments, and spa gratuities are not included. Additional yoga and extra excursions are available for an additional cost. There is an optional “suggested” resort gratuity of $50.00. Plan for additional personal expenses, gifts, CR departure tax, and extras from the cafe (custom smoothies, wheatgrass elixirs, or wine). Yes, you can buy wine! There are no TV’s and wi-fi is limited to specific areas so this is a total getaway!

For more information and to register click here http://www.feliciagrant.com/registration-form/
Or call 919-523-8502
Profound Ancient Longevity Qi Gong Retreat
May 6, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
May 13, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Profound Ancient LONGEVITY Qi Gong Retreat
with Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann

Join Dr. Sifu Reginald Cann for his fourth lifetime exotic retreat in the stunning Costa Rica Mountains to learn some of the secrets of Profound Ancient knowledge. These life skills can be applied to all aspects of modern everyday life.

The Profound Ancient Longevity Qi Gong Retreat delivers a litany of benefits. These include cellular level detoxification, regulation of yin / yang organs, strengthening of the body, increasing overall energy and vitality, building the immune system, calming the nervous system, and promoting overall wellness and peace of mind.

The Retreat is to be held at the spectacular PURA VIDA SPA, a mountain paradise at 5200 feet, only minutes from the San Jose International Airport which, enjoys balmy daytime temperatures that average 73° F and equally mild nights.

Invest in a happier and healthier you — with recreation, relaxation, adventure, delicious meals and daily seminars with like-minded people.

What You Will Learn

• Taoist Longevity Qi Gong - (1 - 10)
• Third Animal Frolic
• Meridian Channel Activation
• Meditation / Healing Sounds
• Partner Healing Body Work ( Spinal Release )
• Benefits of Powerful Tonic Teas & Tinctures with sample tasting

Detox & Renew Your Body In 2017
- Health-minded Buffet-style Meals
- Fresh Juice Served Daily
- Exotic Super Smoothies Available
- No Artificial Sweeteners or Processed Foods
- Refreshing Filtered Spring Water Available

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE EMAIL: mail@cohahealth.com or call 1.441.295.7612
Aerial Arts and Yoga Retreat
May 18, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
May 23, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Solidify the foundations for your aerial arts practice. This retreat is for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

Go Well Beyond and Aerial Artique have joined forces again to bring a wonderful long weekend getaway to all who love their time in the air and on the yoga mat. Join us for the second annual Aerial Arts and Yoga Retreat in Paradise.
If you enjoy aerial arts, good food, and amazing people in paradise, this trip is for you!
We’ll share a welcome session on our first night including restorative yoga. The next four days include morning yoga, aerial workshops and lots of free time to enjoy the pool, herb garden, optional day tours or the bliss of the Pura Vida Spa. On our last day, we’ll gather for a morning vinyasa practice and farewells.
All classes are taught by professional instructors and performers. Learn safe and sustainable habits for your aerial practice in the silks or on the hoop with Maia Adams and Stephanie Bailey. Deepen your understanding of how yoga can support your time in the air with Nadine Johnson.

Upper/Middle Kiva
Single: $1900
Double: $2900

Single: $1850
Double: $2800

What’s Included
• 6 days and 5 nights accommodations
• 3 daily nutritious farm to table meals (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free available)
• Transportation to and from Juan Santamara International Airport (SJO)
• Invigorating morning yoga flow classes
• Calming evening restorative yoga classes
• Aerial silks and aerial hoop workshops daily

What’s Not Included
• Airfare (fly into SJO)
• extra nights (available at a special discount)
• Travel insurance
• Any additional activities, spa sessions or classes

Sample schedule
• 06:30 - 07:30 Vinyasa yoga
• 07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
• 9:00 - 12:30 Free time
• 12:30 - 14:30 Lunch
• 15:00 - 16:15 Aerial group 1
• 16:45 - 18:00 Aerial group 2
• 18:30 - 20:30 Dinner
• 20:30 - 21:30 Restorative yoga
Group Leaders

Nadine Johnson is a San Francisco native who started practicing yoga to relax while working 12 hour days and traveling 100K+ miles per year. Yoga helped her stay healthy and thrive in my career. She started teaching to help others discover what she had: a healthier body, healthier mind and a more loving and honest approach to life. Nadine is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 certified teacher who has completed trainings with Clayton Horton at Greenpath Yoga, David Swenson, YogaWorks and Urban Zen. She is a co-founder of Go Well Beyond and currently teaches and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Maia Adams has dedicated her love and devotion to the aerial arts, contortion, acrobatics and hand balancing for the last 6 years and has had the honor of training with Naomi Hummel, Cindy Lijima, Laura Stokes, Kerri Kresinski & TT Robson. Maia’s favorite part about teaching is guiding someone through their first class and seeing the joy it brings to them when they realize they can do things they never imagined. Maia is currently based in the Bay Area and owns Aspen Aerials, one of the premier aerial studios in San Francisco.

Stephanie Bailey is an aerial contortionist with endless passion for movement and connection. She’s a co-creator of Suspended Motion Aerial Arts in San Luis Obispo, California. She’s currently based in San Francisco. Stephanie is a member of the Vau de Vire Society and placed as 2nd Runner-Up in the inaugural U.S. Aerial Championship in New York City in February of 2015. Her goal is to inspire others to realize their dreams, understand the steps it takes to reach them, and ultimately go for it!

For more information or to sign up:
Being & Becoming: A Yoga & Writing Retreat
June 17, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
June 24, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Delight in the mountain top view, come to the mat, and give your breath a voice on the page. Rediscover your strength, your creativity, and your intuition. Join Jill Douglas and Danielle DeTiberus 5000 ft. above sea level in Costa Rica’s breathtaking central valley for a week of yoga and writing.

The healing practices of yoga and writing teach us how to sink deeper into ourselves and how to strengthen our self-awareness by coming into the present moment. Because we are always changing, this self-reflection helps to create a mirror of ourselves in one particular time and place. Let’s join together to hone this internal gaze in order to look back out at the world with renewed strength, mindfulness and clarity of not only who we truly are, but who are becoming next.

Each day will include writing & yoga practices that explore:
-Yoga as a path to awaken self-awareness and transformation
-Writing as a tool for self-inquiry, discovery, and healing
-Connecting the science and art of personal evolution through yoga & writing

Double occupancy starting at $1760
Single occupancy starting at $2000
*all rates are per person based on occupancy and availability

Prices include: accommodations, all the incredible food, daily yoga and writing sessions with Jill & Danielle, day trips to a nearby waterfall and skywalk, unlimited access to the surrounding coffee plantation, resort green house and orchid house, and use of the pool and hot tub.
Also included: roundtrip shuttle service to/from the SJO airport, and designated Wi-Fi and computer access.
Airfare, additional activities, healing arts spa therapies,
and gratuities are not included.

For reservation please call R&R Resorts at (888) 767-7375 x233 ask for Madison McClellan or email her at: reservations@puravidaspa.com

About Jill Douglas: Jill teaches in south Florida, where she lives with her husband and twin daughters. She is a yoga teacher of 13 years, a yoga teacher trainer, and a licensed massage therapist. The unique landscape of her classes create an environment of self-trust and insight to living yoga off the mat. Her teaching weaves together yogic philosophy, self-care, mindful movement, and structural integrity. www.yoga trailguide.com Jill@yogatrailguide.com

About Danielle DeTiberus: Danielle lives and teaches in Charleston, SC. Her poem “In a Black Tank Top” was selected by Sherman Alexie to appear in Best American Poetry 2015. In 2012, her poems “I Thought After Thirty” and “Love and Other Hand Grenades” won the Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Society Prize and the Jane Moran Prize, respectively, through the Poetry Society of South Carolina. Her work has appeared in Mead, Rattle, The Southeast Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry, and elsewhere.
www.Danielledetiberus.com Danielledetiberus@gmail.com

Tentative Daily Schedule:
7:30-8:45am: Yoga
7:30-9:00am: Breakfast
9:00-12:00pm: Free time at retreat center or excursion to waterfall, boat tour, volcano etc…
12:30-2:00pm: Lunch
3:00-4:30pm: Writing
6:30-8:00pm: Dinner
Radiant Health ~ Mindful Living
July 1, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
July 8, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Radiant Health ~ Mindful Living
A Week Long Retreat Vacation in Costa Rica at Pura Vida Spa
“Integrating Mind-Body-Health-Success”
July 1-8, 2017

Annette Franks, M.Ed.
Corporate Wellness Coach
Lori Candon, RYT
Tai Chi Easy™ Leader

The Vacation Retreat is designed for both Personal Health and Professional Development Integrating Principles of Mind-Body-Health with Success.
Surrounded by a Natural Paradise Setting we Unplug from Our Normal Busy lives and technology and we mindfully explore our Life Balance and Health, Self Care, Positive Psychology and Integrative Mind-Body-Health Practices including Medical Qigong, Vitality Enhancement Exercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and Salsa Dancing.

It’s a fun interactive week focused on Proactive Participation in Our Own Lives and Healthcare. Join us for a week in paradise digitally detoxing, embracing astonishing natural settings, savoring healthy foods and authentically interacting with others.

Join Us Alone or with a Friend or Family Member or Significant Other.

Rates include Room, Three Meals per Day and Entire Retreat Conference:

Starting at $1655 per Person Double Occupancy - $1910 Single Occupancy

Contact Pura Vida Spa for Additional Rates and Availability.

Pura Vida Spa also has several Excursions available for an additional cost for White Water Rafting, Zip lining, Waterfall Gardens, Skywalk and Wild Life Boat Tours and exploring San Jose. Amazing Holistic Health Body Work Sessions and Yoga classes are also available at Pura Vida Spa.

Visit www.AnnetteFranks.com for the Retreat Video, Schedule and Travel Details.

To Register Call Pura Vida Spa at 1-888-767-7375 ext. 233 and ask for Reservations.
Generating Abundance Through Conscious Intention
July 22, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
July 29, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
“True happiness is found through the art of serving others”. Take your yoga practice to a deeper level as we journey through 5 days of Conscious Abundance Workshops that will transform your, heart, mind, body, soul, and cultivate this growth to bring back with you. Each day we will enjoy two daily yoga classes, experience workshops to awaken the higher self, apply our learnings in the community, and enjoy excursions to take in the beautiful Costa Rica. We will spend time applying our learnings with the local people to inspire change through conscious intention. There will be plenty of time for self reflection, Spa and self care, journaling, personal time for exploring, group activities, and more. At the end of the retreat you will be granted 12 CEU’s and a Certificate of Completion for all participants during the closing fire ceremony.

Christina Andrini 200hr ERYT YACEP is the Co Founder of Jaiweh Yoga from New Orleans, La. She is a global yoga instructor offering yoga retreats with the intention of transforming lives through the gift of service and yoga. Christina teaches a Pranic style of vinyasa yoga that opens the student to experience a deeper practice. She welcomes the student to live and breath their yoga practice on and off the mat. She combines Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Bhakti styles of yoga with a powerful intention on Pranayama and meditation throughout the practice. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or complete novice to yoga, this retreat will open your possibilities to the abundance that surrounds you.

Sample Schedule-

Saturday July 22nd:
“Welcome to Pura Vida”
3pm Group Meet and Greet
5pm Yoga
6:30pm Dinner

Sunday July 23rd:
7am Yoga
8am Breakfast
10am Orientation
12-5 Free Time for students to unwind explore the space
3pm Medicinal plant tour
5pm Yoga
6:30pm Dinner

Monday July 24th:
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am Waterfall Gardens 1/2 day tour* or Free time for self care
1:30pm lunch
3-5pm Generating Abundance Through Conscious Intention Workshop Part 1
5pm YOGA
6:30pm Dinner

Tuesday July 25th:
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am optional 1/2 day Excursion Canopy Tour* or Free Time / Self Care
1:30pm Lunch
3-5pm Generating Abundance Through Conscious Intention Workshop Part 2
5pm YOGA
6:30pm Dinner

Wednesday July 26th
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am Community outreach work
5pm YOGA
6:30pm Dinner

Thursday July 27th
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast
9am Coffee Field Walk & Meditation
11am or 12pm (whenever coffee walk is done) Free time / Self care
12:30-2:30pm lunch
3-5pm Generating Abundance Through Conscious Intention Workshop Part 3
5pm YOGA
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Salsa Lessons

Friday July 28th
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am Poas Volcano 1/2 day excursion* or Free time / self care
1:30pm lunch
3-5pm Generating Abundance Through Conscious Intention Workshop Part 4
5pm YOGA
6:30pm Dinner
8pm Fire Ceremony drumming circle

Saturday July 29th
6:30am YOGA
7:30am Breakfast and Farewells

*Tours and Spa Treatments are optional at additional cost

Rates starting at $1405 double occupancy/ $1660 single occupancy.

Early Bird Special: Take $200 off your rate if you book by February 15, 2017!

To register: email reservations@puravidaspa.com or call 888-767-7375 ext. 233
Peaceful Warrior Retreat with Dan Millman
August 5, 2017 · 3:00 pm -
August 12, 2017 · 6:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Expand your mind. Open your heart. Invigorate your body.

Join Dan for one-week Peaceful Warrior Eco-Adventure — an “illumination vacation" at the Pura Vida Spa, a spectacular mountain paradise at 5200 feet, 20 minutes from the San Jose Airport with daytime temperatures that average 73 F with mild nights. Enjoy recreation, relaxation and adventure — delicious meals, daily seminars with fun-loving people, some of whom will become longtime friends.

Spend informal time over meals with Dan and fellow travelers. Experience new forms of massage and body therapy with a dedicated international staff, as well as optional daily tours, including:

• white-water rafting on one of the most beautiful rivers in the world;
• canopy adventure, flying in harness through the tree tops;
• visiting waterfall gardens or and Arenal Volcano
• hikes into the rain forest — and more.
*Optional tours, Massage, Watsu & Spa treatments charged separately

Our time together includes sunrise movement sessions with Dan (M-TU-TH-F) mornings that include:
• The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout
• Three Keys to Optimal Wellness
• Peaceful Warrior Psycho-Physical Meditations
• Awakening the Warrior Within — and more.

Early evening (pre-dinner) sessions (S-M-TU-TH-F) address personal and spiritual growth, including:
• Theater of the Selves
• Opening Intuitive Sight
• Reality Check: Bridging Two Worlds
• The 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Meditation – and more

"The 4-minute peaceful warrior meditation provides multi-faceted benefits in areas of healing, creativity, and relaxed vitality — it can stand alone or can serve as a gateway to enhance any other form of meditation. It represents one of the key links that prepared me for the death, rebirth and awakening described in Way of the Peaceful Warrior..."

Whether you take optional day-trips or simply rest by the pool, relax in the Jacuzzi, and enjoy the quiet, natural beauty of one of the world’s pristine locations, here's a chance to rejuvenate your body and refresh your spirit. We suggest that you mark your calendar and call soon to reserve your space.

This week-long Retreat is surprisingly affordable: Rates start at $1335 based on double occupancy. This includes: 7 night accommodations, 3 vegetarian meals daily (fish or chicken optional), daily seminars with Dan, and transfer to and from the airport. You can also join a yoga class at any time the schedule allows. A $500.00 deposit to reserve your space, with the remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to arrival.
Call: 888-767-7375 x 233
E-mail: reservations@puravidaspa.com
The Magic and Power of Positive Thinking
September 16, 2017 · 2:00 pm -
September 23, 2017 · 11:00 am
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
The Magic and Power of Positive Thinking is a systematic way of living that fills us with joy and appreciation. This method generates enthusiasm and fulfillment in the ever-present NOW. We are each uniquely perfect. We navigate daily the amazing and fantastic pathway we are creating. Supernatural magic is happening all around us all the time. Self-care means giving our body, mind, spirit and interpersonal self the true loving nurturing we desire:
Clarity of divine purpose
Commitment to joy
Dedication to well-being
Connection to the beauty of nature.

Come join us for seven days and seven nights at the Pura Vida Spa, Costa Rica. The Pura Vida Resort is the perfect place to retreat, reflect, recharge, reinvent and simply enjoy being alive. Our workshop includes detailed instruction, PowerPoint presentation, and a training manual, fun and games and individualized processes.

Retreat includes:
• Six- 4 hr. Magic & Power of Positive Thinking workshop sessions
• Seven nights room accommodations
• Three delicious buffet-style meals per day
• Two Yoga classes per day
• One full day and two half day eco-adventures
• One hour massage at the Spa
• Shuttle to and from SJO airport

Not included: Airfare: Both Saturdays are travel days with no programming. So arrive and depart SJO at your leisure on Saturday.

Flight Information: Fly into San Juan International Airport (SJO) on Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Fly home Saturday September 23rd, 2017. Hotel will arrange for a shuttle to and from the airport. Your Passport must be current and extend 6 months beyond the return date of 9/23/17.

Cost: Double Occupancy (lowest rate) $1,725.00
Single Occupancy (lowest rate) $2,135.00
Call: Madison McClellan at 888-767-7375 ext. 233.
A $250.00 non-refundable sign –up fee is required to save your room. Payment in full is due one week before (September 9, 2017) the beginning date of the retreat. Make payments on your own time frame.

Single and double rooms are available in both A-frames and Tri-levels. More than two people and families may be accommodated in Tri-levels.

Your Hosts:
Carisa Jones
239-641-8478 (cell)
Present Day Prophetess
Quantum Physicist

Kathryn Gaertner
239-641-8478 (cell) kathryngaertner@aol.com
Massage Therapist

Both Teachers live and practice in Naples Florida. They have worked together in Master Mind groups for over 15 years. Last year they developed a unified proprietary process for manifesting and receiving a joyous and abundant life. “We focus on fun and happiness as we create our dreams.”

Ignite Your Passion
Enrich Your Joy
Empower Your Creativity
Build Your Lifelong Fulfillment
Receive Faith

Workshop Outline
1. Create Your Ship
2. Quantum Physics of Molecules in Words
3. Water
4. The Original Master Plan
5. 5 Things to Constantly Improve
6. Miraculous order
7. Giving is Receiving/Receiving is Giving
8. Creating Future Miracles

Daily Schedule: (Meal Times at Pura Vida: Breakfast 7:30-9am, Lunch, 12:30-2:30pm, Dinner 6:30-8pm)

Saturday, September 16, 2017—Arrival Day
“Welcome to Pura Vida”
3pm Group meet and Greet
5pm Yoga
6:30 Dinner

Sunday September 17, 2017
7am Yoga
8am Breakfast
10am Orientation
12:30 Lunch
2-4:30 Workshop Session #1
5pm Yoga
6:30pm Dinner

Monday September 18, 2017
6:30am Yoga
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am Excursion to La Paz Waterfall Gardens
1pm Lunch
2-4:30pm Workshop Session #2
5pm Yoga
6:30 Dinner

Tuesday September 19, 2017
6:30am Yoga
7:30am Breakfast
9-12noon- Workshop Session #3
12:30 Lunch
2-4:30pm-Workshop Session #4
5pm Yoga
6:30pm Dinner

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
6:30am Yoga
7:30am Breakfast
Hot Springs and eco-exploring hike—full day tour—lunch out included
5pm Yoga
6:30 Dinner

Thursday, September 21, 2017
6:30am Yoga
7:30am breakfast
9-12:30 Workshop Session #5
12:30 Lunch
Free Time—schedule your massages
5pm Yoga
6:30 Dinner

Friday September 22, 2017
6:30am Yoga
7:30am Breakfast
8:45am Excursion to Poas Volcano
12:30pm Lunch
2-4:30pm—Workshop closing session
5:00pm Yoga
6:30pm Dinner

Saturday, September 23, 2017---Departure Day
6:30 Yoga
7:30 Breakfast and Farewells
Luminal Bloom. 1st Annual Sacred Soul Sisters.
September 23, 2017 · 3:00 pm -
September 28, 2017 · 6:00 pm
Pura Vida Retreat & Spa
Luminal Boom: the light equivalent to a sonic boom. Luminal Boom particles create light barriers or shock waves of blue light and even ultraviolet light.
Bloom: to flourish or thrive collectively.

Luminal Bloom co-founders Brandy Lyn and Riji Suh invite the Goddess in you to the first Sacred Soul Sisters Retreat, from February 25th, 2017 through March 2nd, 2017, at the Pura Vida Resort in Costa Rica.

This is a Women-Only yoga retreat which aims to remind, to mirror, to support, and to liberate the Goddess in each of us, via Yoga: asana, kriya, pranayama, meditation, ceremony, and visceral connection with the most Sacred sister of all, Mother Nature. Our Soul Sisters Retreat will center upon the expansion of our collective and individual experience of the 84 classic asanas of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. A strong foundation in the Bikram Beginners (26 & 2) series and a familiarity with the Advanced (84) series is recommended. All classes led by Brandy and Riji. We will practice together, nurture one another, and learn with each other; in that spirit, come!

Pricing starts at $1095 and includes:
-5 nights accommodation
-3 delicious fresh meals daily (gf and v options)
-Daily yoga asana, kriya and pranayama
-Goddess ritual bonfire closing ceremony
-Transit to and from SJO airport (airfare not included)

Pura Vida Spa has a full menu of highly reputed spa and massage treatments available to you during your stay at an additional cost. Volcano, zip line and Ocean excursions are also available for an additional cost.

To reserve your spot email reservations@puravidaspa.com.
$500 deposit is required. Space is limited.