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From the dawn of time, human beings have been drawn to the active volcanic regions of the earth in search of health, healing and wellness. Alive with transferable energy and some of the richest soils on earth, the volcanic mountains that encircle The Wellness Centre at Pura Vida Spa are a source of powerful natural healing. The therapists at Pura Vida are highly trained and certified, each committed to healing from the heart and with the essential gift of being present and loving with their touch.

Aquatic Bodywork

Held in the intimate setting of our “Water Treatments pool”, where body temperature water is intended to simulate an amazing womb-like experience.

Water massages combine breath connection, Zen Shiatsu stretches and energy work all in the aquatic treatments pool, allowing your body to return to its natural state of wellbeing. Water treatments are recognized in the physical therapy and trauma recovery community as a primary modality in rehabilitation and treatment of chronic pain. Many who have experienced Watsu call it one of the most profound experiences in their lives. Water massages are always practiced with the mouth and nose above the water.

60 min

Asian Bodywork

Uses pressure and light manipulation to detoxify and cleanse the body.

This holistic treatment begins with a foot bath followed by a Bali-Thai massage. This form of massage combines relaxing massage, digit-puncture, stretching, and Pa Kuan or back cupping massage which cleanses the blood and ki (vital energy), releases toxins from liver and kidney and enhances the immune system without the undesirable bruising of traditional cupping. This treatment provides amazing benefits to all of the internal organs and includes steamed aromatherapy to promote deep relaxation of the nervous system.

60 min

In Thailand, Thai massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine, now recognized and regulated by the government, and is widely considered to be a medical discipline. Used for the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, this treatment combines the benefits of massage, yoga and physical therapy. The body is guided through a flowing sequence of yoga-based stretches with rhythmic pressure along the energy pathways and points to open and release tension. At Pura Vida Spa this treatment is administered in an atmosphere of reverence and meditation, and each session is tailored to individual needs and abilities.

60 min

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old science of life, a traditional medicine native to India developed with the intention of restoring the most subtle elements of the mind, body and spirit into a balanced state of peace and harmony.

No same day sign-ups

Abhyanga, is an individualized full body massage using warm, pure, herbal medicated oils that aim to promote cellular restoration and longevity through nourishment and strengthening of the nervous system and all bodily tissues. This is followed by a full body therapeutic herbal steam (swedana) to facilitate the release of toxins and metabolic wastes. If necessary nasal drops are administered to clear the breathing channels (nasya), and warm oil is put into the ears to relieve dryness and pacify the senses, creating inner peace and integration.

90 min

No same day sign-ups

After a whole-body massage, a slow steady stream of herbal medicated liquid is poured over the 6th and 7th chakra area, (also associated with pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands), thus contributing to the regulation of important hormones and neurotransmitters. It has profound effect on the mind and the autonomic nervous system, and therefore, is very helpful with lots of conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, hyperactive mind, irritability, depression, hypertension, and many more. It promotes deep clarity and calmness, balancing and restoring body systems.

120 min

This form of massage was developed by Kusum Modak who practiced therapeutic yoga for many years with Shri BKS Iyengar. It combines the deep healing benefits of yoga & Ayurveda, including conscious breathing and different massage techniques. Utilizing warm, herbal, medicated oils, this series of passive yoga stretches and manipulations helps remove knots in the muscles and toxins seated deep in the musculoskeletal system and blood stream. The therapist’s gentle touch energizes prana flow while creating the conditions to let go deeply.

90 min

Body Talk

Our overall health is affected by the quality of communication within our bodies. Body Talk uses gentle, non-invasive, state-of-the-art techniques to help the body-mind reestablish synchronicity between the various organs, glands, body parts and body systems (immune, digestive, etc.) and subtle energy systems (mental, emotional, etc.) to improve the total health of the body.

60 min

Clinical Bodywork

Therapy focused on pain relief and management.

This is a relaxing, nurturing therapeutic massage that uses firm pressure to work down to the deeper layers of tissue in the muscles. Tensions, stress, chronic and acute areas of discomfort are addressed using a variety of physical and energetic techniques, making space for a rejuvenated sense of wellbeing.

60 min

This detoxifying treatment moves fluids and toxins which have collected in, and have been circulating around, the lymphatic system. As a result, the immune system is boosted, and circulation improved, leaving the body better positioned for healing and wellbeing.

60 min

This technique targets problem areas within the muscular and skeletal system, based on the idea that tight, stressed muscles contribute to pain by limiting freedom of movement, while weak muscles provide inadequate support for the body. Profound work on fascia, tendons and ligaments in painful areas of the body, combined with active stretches and breath control helps release tension in overstressed areas, melting away minor aches and pains, stiffness and anxiety and inviting restful sleep. Especially beneficial for those suffering from recent physical or emotional trauma.

60 min

Long strokes over oiled skin, work on the outer layers of muscle tissue, reducing stress and soothing sore joints and muscles. Swedish massage traditionally relaxes the nervous system, stimulates circulation and helps with detoxification.

60 min

Facial Skin Care

Deep-cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating.

This super-cleansing facial pampers the skin with deep exfoliation with glycolic acid, followed by a 20-minute steam to open pores and hydrate, then white and blackhead extraction. A seven-minute lymphatic facial massage then drains impurities from the face and a soothing mask customized for your skin type ends the experience, leaving your skin glowing and your spirit completely relaxed.

60 min

This extraordinarily nourishing treatment stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Deep cleansing and exfoliation are followed by a 15-minute application of a complex nutrient-rich gel, which stimulates messenger cells to encourage greater production of collagen and elastin. The treatment ends with a tensor mask to soften, nourish and tighten the skin for a younger and firmer look and feel.

60 min

Holistic Bodywork

A combination of massage, oils, stones and movement to treat the body, mind and spirit.

Costa Rican volcanic stones that carry the earth’s deep energy are expertly applied to induce a profound state of relaxation, opening pathways for the therapist to manipulate areas of the body that would not normally be accessible, charging the entire body with their energetic power.

60 min

An integrative, intuitive massage that blends a variety of techniques. It can be a deep or soothing experience according to the body ́s needs. Tension, stress, chronic and acute areas of discomfort are addressed using a variety of physical and energetic modalities. The end result is a profound sense of wellbeing, peace, wholeness and tranquility in mind, body and soul.

60 min

Sound Healing

A deeply meditative session that works at a profound level to clear you of any negative energy or attachments.

Sound Healing Balances both hemispheres of the brain, cleanses negative energy and emotions, improves sleep, increases vital energy flow, reduces stress and help to deepen relaxation.

It’s the ancient way of healing using different tones, vibrations, frequencies and voice. It uses the power of sound to restore one’s mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance.

In this session you will be guided into a small meditation doing some breathing work where you will feel relaxed and surrender to the sound waves from the different instruments entering your brain and moving into a deeper Alpha state. Sound will speak to each of you in a unique and personal way letting you travel through your own inner being and feel your own healing work harmonizing and balancing your mind, body and soul.

Sound Healing is very effective because it influences the emotional and physical body. Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and when we heal the emotional body, the physical symptoms disappear. Take the Sound Journey and Feel the Universe Speak to You!

60 min

Signature Spa Treatments

Pura Vida’s signature spa treatments include massage and steam along with an exfoliation or body polish, all an exceptional value.

This rejuvenating Pura Vida body polish removes dead skin cells, much like a body scrub, while hydrating and moisturizing the skin – leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and soft. Choose from one of three custom body polish blends:

  • En-wrapture in Paradise: aloe vera, lavender, essential oils
  • Chocolate: pure chocolate, coconut oil
  • Oatmeal Glow: oatmeal, honey, coconut oil

60 min

A custom blended body scrub will simultaneously exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Unwanted dead skin cells disappear under gentle exfoliating movements, leaving your skin silky and soft. Choose from one of three special Pura Vida scrub blends:

  • Coffee: made with coffee, sea salt, olive oil and coconut oil
  • Golden Glow: featuring sea salt, essential oils and olive oil
  • Tropical: featuring ginger, coconut, customized essential oil and olive oil

60 min  

Treatments available during the week of your stay will be posted on the bulletin board at The Wellness Centre.  All bookings are scheduled on-site on a first come, first serve basis. Many of our therapists are available in Pura Vida on a rotating schedule, so not all therapies are on offer at the same time. Treatment prices range from $115 – $270. 

Please be advised that any spa services canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice are subject to a cancellation fee up to the full price of the treatment.

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