Sarchi and the Oxcart

Sarchi is the birthplace of the elaborately painted oxcarts unique to Costa Rica. Just an hour drive from Pura Vida, you can visit the Eloy Alfaro oxcart factory and learn more about this colorful tradition for yourself! Interested in learning more about Costa Rica’s historic decorated ox carts? Read more.

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Gratitude & Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving week, we are thankful for each of our loyal guests & grateful for your ongoing support!   Yoga is a fantastic way to relieve the stress of the holiday season. suggests trying these six poses to celebrate and embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving:  Pyramid Parsvottanasana- Pyramid Pose: This pose releases tension and invites flexibility

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Benefits of a Digital Detox

There are many documented benefits to a self-imposed “digital detox,” including being able to sleep better, think more clearly and feeling re-energized. That’s why we encourage all guests of Pura Vida to unplug from technology while visiting our resort and to get outside and embrace Mother Nature. A few immediate benefits of a vacation digital

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